Seriously, and humbly, my two boys seldom fight. If they do, I have just a few of tips to offer:

1) Snacks, usually, something they both can share. For me, it’s goldfish, or cheese crackers, or whatever I can find in the cupboard. This is a good trick when they both refuse back down and are adamant to get what they want. To ease the tension at that very moment, I’ll bring out a snack to distract them from their attention towards that object. Now that they are both sharing a bowl of snacks, they are more relaxed and have already forgotten what they were fighting for. After their spirits are uplifted, sometimes they will go back to the object they are fighting for, or sometimes not. If they do, 98% of the time their approach have changed.  It works for me every single time.

2) When either one of my boys comes crying to me that the other one is not sharing, I try my best not to get involved. I wasn’t there at the moment, so I don’t really know who did what. Whichever side I’m on, the other one will get upset. Either way, I’m at a lose-lose situation. So, instead, I say, “you guys have to figure out how to play with each other and decide how you want to handle it.” When I check up on them after 5 times, 98% of the time, they will be happily sharing or playing with each other.

3) Bring them out to the yard to do garden work, or to ride a bike around the neighborhood, or to the park, anything to distract them from thinking of how the other one is at fault.

Like I said, luckily, sibling rivalry is hardly seen at my household. I don’t have much to offer, but the above three tips I often use. They always work for me!

“Today I am thankful I get to leave work early…”