Many people have asked me how I train Dai Bee to read at such young age (he started reading at barely 4 years old). I didn’t know how to answer them. Yes, I read to him when he was very young. Did that help? I often sang to him. Not sure? After reading this article, it made sense to me. This was exactly what we did in the house. From now on, this is what I will be telling people the next time when people ask me “how’d you get him to read at such early age?”

“Kids who grow up in an organized and calm home and more likely to have good early reading skills at ages 5 and 6, finds a study by Ohio State University and Teachers College, Columbia University. Having set mealtimes and bedtime, making clear chore assignments, using a family calendar, and keeping the TV off during dinner, can all promote to early reading ability.”

-Parents Magazine, August 2009 issue.

“Today I am thankful for the nice dumpling place…”