On a rainy day, what’s better to do than to work with my preschooler on his preschool project?It’s a parent-child involvement project making a robot from anything. First we gathered all the materials needed to building this robot. I then sketched what it would look like.

For some reason, kids love tapes. As soon as Ah Lo learned that this project involves taping, he jumped right to it. He got serious taping – first putting the head together.

Now, getting ready for the body, cutting the cardboard – which was kinda tough to cut.

More serious taping…

After adding the legs (by now, half of the roll of tape is gone), he painted the legs and the face, giving the robot some colors. He certainly had fun doing this part.

Ta da! the final product! Hello World

“Today I am thankful for having the day off to hang out with my kids…”