This week Dai Bee is going to Lego Camp. He’s been very excited about it since I signed up back in April. Finally it’s here. This is probably the only bento lunch I’m making him for this week since the location requests not to bring non-kosher food (no pork, no shellfish). The next few days will just be fried rice or noodles in a thermos.

In this box: PBJ sandwich over cheddar cheese, slice of tomato and turkey deli meat, and slices of apples.

Updated on August 6, 2010 –

I managed to squeeze a few more of them this week. I’m including them in this blog just so that I have all the Lego Camp lunches all in one post.

In this box entitled 3 Friends at the Lego Camp – Mac and cheese, deli turkey, Milano mint cookies, and apples.

In this box entitled The Guy with the Lego – Egg sandwich with carrots, apples and shrimp chips.

“Today I am thankful for a good night sleep…”