This is my third Halloween 2010 Bento. It’s rather fun and easy to make. Dai Bee is not a fan of cheese. I’ve tried other types, but he simply dislikes it.. The other day after his soccer game, a parent gave each kid some snacks, including a stick of string cheese. He seems to enjoy peeling the string cheese and EATING them! Yay! That’s the idea!

In this box entitled A Cheesy Mummy Lunch – ham and cheese sandwich, string cheese (as bandages), hot dog, Cheez-it crackers and a clementine.

p.s. Since my boys were wearing the same costumes the last 3 years, they decided to wear something different this year. A few days ago, I checked out one of my favorite store – Halloween Spirit Store. I spent too much $$ on their Halloween costumes (since they didn’t like any of my homemade costume ideas). But to see how happy they were when they put on the costumes (per their request), it was all worth it. Can’t wait for this Sunday!

Today I am thankful for the ride…”