It’s a tradition in our family to volunteer at the Little Brothers – Friends of the Elderly on Christmas Eve. I took Dai Bee and my two nieces to volunteer this morning. We normally do gift wrapping in the past years. However, this year, the gift wrapping were all done last weekend. Instead, we had different tasks to take on! We were asked to wrap a dinner roll with a piece of butter on a sheet of aluminum foil. We rolled up our sleeves and got busy!

We had lots to do!

An hour later, we wrapped more than 400 rolls!

Dai Bee helped out with putting stickers on each bag. These bags are to be filled up with presents to be distributed to seniors tomorrow.

He worked so diligently and even screamed at me for taking pictures instead of helping out! What a workaholic!

It was a positive experience for all. I reminded them why we were doing this – not because we had to, because we could. It’s a blessing to be able to help.

On Christmas day, we would visit the elderly. This year, we couldn’t make it to visit the seniors. We’ll definitely do this again and again…

Today I am thankful for a great party with my in-laws...”