Though I know most parents would throw away the Valentine’s Day cards (from their children’s classmates), I decided to spend some time making the cards this year and involve the boys with the project.

I first had to prepare the materials needed.

I used the scraps from Christmas card stocks (last year), cut the cards and folded them.  The heart-shaped foams and flower stickers were from Target ($1.00) I got awhile back. Picked up some glitter glue from Walgreen’s (optional). Last but not least,  I searched for an image of a bumble bee, copied on regular Avery label template (5161), and added the word “Bee Mine” and “Happy Valentine’s Day.” After it’s printed, I used a yellow marker to color the bee.

With the foam stickers, the boys designed the cards however they wished in the morning. They enjoyed playing with different designs using glitter glue. We waited for the glue to dry before writing the names of each classmates and signing the cards.

Yes, all the work and materials would probably cost a lot less and much easier if store bought. However, when Ah Lo said, “I really like making Valentine Day Cards, mama,” it was worth all this work!

“Today I am thankful for a delicious meal…”