This was Dai Bee’s 2nd piano recital. His piano teacher organized a recital for all her students (with a fee of course) every year at a church. Families and friends were welcomed to attend. It wasn’t anything big, just maybe 20 students (in one session) and lasted for 30-40 minutes. Faces of proud parents held tight with their video cameras (no cameras during performance) to record that special moment when their child played. I, was no exception. I was almost in tears listening to Dai Bee played his piece. He came a long way and improved so much from practicing day or night. His passion for music helped him gained so much confidence in the last year or so, as evident when he plays. I wasn’t sure if he made any mistakes during his recital, but it sounded so beautiful, to me, it was perfect!

Today I am thankful for the beautiful weather…”