Today Dai Bee started his first day at summer camp – SUMMERGATE. He absolutely loved it! He asked me if he could stay there as long as they could keep him. I guess that’s a good sign. Today the class read about Galileo and did some basic science experiments.

After lunch, I signed him up for one hour classes. Immediately after lunch was another science class called “Surrounded by Science.” He launched water rocket out of water bottles. Next class was Brain Teasers where they played with different kinds of puzzles. His last session was Games & Sports before I pick him up. These one-hour classes set up for middle school environment. Each class is at a different location with a different teacher. I was worried at first if he’d remembered where to go or what to do. At the end of the day, after hearing his day, I should have given him much more credit! He’s a lot smarter than I think. Ha!

“Today I am thankful for making to work on time…”