Rain rain, go away, my lil’ baby is having his birthday party today! Our plan to have Ah Lo’s birthday party at the park never happened. Today just poured nonstop. Luckily there’s always a Plan B for everything. We changed our location from outdoors to indoors which turns out better since we played mostly legos. Mr. Piggy and I decorated the house last night with the Lego Garlands I made:

The boys helped make this box for the forks while I replaced the labels for the water bottles with ninjago faces. Now let’s get the party rolling…

Anything to get the kids drink water:

When the boys and girls started to show up, we kept them busy by having them build legos –

sign the birthday card –

and count how many legos there are in these models the boys made last night:

The person who guessed it right wins a prize! The boys counted 151, though I’ve never confirmed it. After half hour or so, the pizza arrived! My sister baked some LEGO’s for the birthday boy! The kids absolutely love it! Everyone was asking for seconds, must be the extra sugar.

After lunch, here were some of the games we played:

1. Pinning the head. Before the party, I cut out shapes of a lego head on yellow card stocks. At the party, I passed one out to the boys and girls to draw out the face.

Then everyone went wild trying to get the head onto the body.

2. Building Lego’s. What’s a Lego party without building Legos? I sat the group in a circle with a handful of legos in front of them. The goal was to build the tallest block. We started at the birthday boy, he added one piece and passed it to the one on his left and so forth. It was interesting to watch those with experience and those without. We didn’t get very far before the tower tumbled.

3. Hide and Seek. I printed 6 of these Lego guys in advance. The parents helped me hide it around the living room area. In a confine area, the kids were able to search for them in short time. We played a couple of times until they turned my living room into a mess.

4. Scoring at the piñata. Last but not least of course, was hitting the piñata. These were homemade ones I did with the boys. I looked for Lego piñata but they were too expensive, so I decided to make my own. I’ve never made one before. Luckily, it was legos so it wasn’t too challenging.

I waited all day for the rain to stop so we can do this outside, but never happened. So Mr. Piggy creatively hung the piñata in our living room so the kids got a kick out of it. Whew, nobody got hurt.

At the end of the day, everyone got their goodie boxes which contain a bag of legos, a stamp, a fruit snack and a box of crayons or playdoh. I hope everyone had fun!

Time for a group picture!