Since the beginning of summer, we let the boys’ bed time schedule slide a little bit. That’s when they start watching this very old cartoon: He-Man and She-Ra. I might have watched one or half of an episode when growing up. I just didn’t like the story line nor the characters. I guess cartoon network only has this show available during that time. When you don’t have much of a choice, you take it.

Another cartoon I watch with them is the Mysteries of Alfred the Hedgehog. Alfred Hedgehog is the main character, who, with other friends, help solve mysteries in their hometown. It’s full of useful facts about nature and science for kids and adults to learn from.

Another one of their favorite is the Wild Kratts Show, a PBS popular cartoon that takes kids on exciting adventures filled with animal and science facts. The boys get to meet cool creatures from around the world and witness many wildlife moments. Who knew watching television can be filled with excitement and awe.

Somehow they got hooked on to the Power Rangers. How? This show is so old you can find it anywhere anytime. The only way to watch it is through Netflix on my nephew’s computer every Thursday. Sometimes if he’s not there, they don’t watch it. Not a show I’m very fond of anyway, so once a week is more than enough.