Two decades ago, my nephews were going crazy with these cards – the battle of the Pokémon characters. There must be over 400 or 500 of them, yet my nephews memorized each one, the names, the strengths and their weaknesses, their powers and  their levels, their evolution families and their evolutionary form. The list goes on and on. How did they managed to memorize the Pokémon characters and its powers are still a mystery to me to this day. I remembered for my nephews, it was considered the harshest punishment if I threatened to take the cards away.

Two decades later, this trading card game is back.  My boys breathes on these cards and characters. They inherited most of the cards from my nephews, traded some and bought some.  They talk about it in the car, during meals, even at bedtimes. They test each other, play with each other, and even build fort with these cards. The magical powers of Pokémon didn’t just happen overnight. It was introduced to U.S. in 1998. Apparently, the frenzy set off across the country and spans over two decades, and maybe to eternity?

“Today I am thankful for the delicious dinner…”