This is a rare weekend when we don’t have anything planned and no where to go. Well, the last 3 weekends were jam packed with parties back to back. So I was glad we are free this one weekend. This is also one of the very rare weekends when I felt absolutely lethargic. I decided to stay in bed all day long. I don’t quite remember the last time I did that. I don’t even remember I get this luxury when I was sick. Yes, staying in bed all day is considered a luxury when you become a mom!

Mr. Piggy fixed breakfast, lunch and dinner for us. I enjoyed my “day off” so much, I became greedy. I asked if there were any fruits (as desserts) after dinner. I stared at Mr. Piggy’s direction. Funny thing was that the boys immediately came to his rescue and demanded, “Baba needs a break!” Oh? I said. Dai Bee continued, “Yes, Baba made us breakfast, lunch and dinner today. He deserves a break.” And then Ah Lo added, “Yeah, you were so lazy all day long. You just slept in bed and watched the Olympics.” I couldn’t stop laughing. Of course the boys didn’t find what they said had any humor to it. I guess moms have been profiled to be the ones with the superpower to cook, clean and raise the kids. To them, that’s what moms do. Sure, we can do it all year round and need not any breaks. When Daddy-o takes over in a blue moon, he works too hard and deserves a break.

By the way, Dai Bee, thanks for noticing Mr. Piggy’s one day of hard work. Are women that much more capable of handling multiple jobs at once than men? That’s a whole new blog. For now, I’m just grateful Mr. Piggy allows me to be lazy every now and then.

“Today I am thankful for the warm meals…”