It’s our 2nd week of the 2012 Olympics and so far TEAM USA is doing an awesome job! I can’t imagine the hours of hard work each athlete goes into preparing for such event. Their commitment, dedication, and discipline are truly amazing and each deserves a medal! My boys and I watch the Games religiously every night to cheer for our team.

To cheer for them further, I made these bentos for my boys today. They are ham sandwiches in a french roll, Pirate Booty’s puffed rice and corn snack, and a slice of apple.

The five interlocking rings is a a symbol of the Olympic Games. The colors of the rings represent the five continents participating in the Games. My Olympic rings are made out of cheese (yellow), cucumber (green), ham (red), seaweed (black) and yellow cheese (colored with food coloring – blue).

The Olympic torch is also another Olympic symbol. The relay of carrying the torch represents a continuation from ancient Olympic Games to the modern Olympics. I noticed the crease of the top of the french roll has a long triangular shape. Therefore, I used it to make the torch. The flame is free hand cut out of a piece of ham.

“Today I am thankful for the Olympics, reminding us anything is possible…”