Today is a free fishing day in California which means we can fish anywhere without a fishing license. This is the first time we’ve gone fishing with the boys and we try to keep it simple. We don’t own any fishing gears except a cheap (price and quality wise) fishing pole Mr. Piggy bought years ago when it was on sale. It’s a last minute thing so we just grab whatever we have. Even for the bait, we grabbed Frankie, the crawfish’s leftover food (dried shrimp).

The day is beautiful and the four of us journeyed off to our first fishing trip at the pier. We sat down and enjoyed the view while Mr. Piggy tries diligently to set up his gear. Yes, after all these years, he is excited he finally get to use it. Half hour later, we finally managed to get the fishing rod in the water.  The boys got excited for five minutes only to find out the string is now stuck. Some pulling and tucking, Mr. Piggy is able to get the fishing rod back in place. Now the roller with all the strings is tangled. Another half hour later passed, Mr. Piggy is determined to make his bargain worthwhile. Luckily, our neighboring fishermen are nice enough to share with our boys some tips, knowledge and their catch (starfish) on this new sport.

At the end of the day, we didn’t catch anything but we sure didn’t leave empty-handed.

“Today I am thankful for great company and delicious food…”