This week is parent-teacher conferences. Though I keep an open communication with both teachers, I always look forward to these conferences just to know their progress.

Ah Lo is doing great academically. He’s reading two grades above level. In Math, he’s doing just as advanced.  He gets along with all his classmates. On the report, the teacher stated he needs to stay focus during class. I suggested to move him around if he keeps up with the chatting during class. The teacher laughed and said, “well, basically, he’s very sociable.”

Dai Bee’s progress: Nothing new. Doing great work but need to work on his penmanship and critical thinking skills.  He needs to be more careful with his work, as always. The teacher said he enjoys the math challenges which support problem solving and analytical skills. Again, no surprises there.

Overall, the boys are doing a wonderful job in school. Hopefully will keep up the good work and make this mama proud!

Today I am thankful for some wonderful teachers…”