It’s our tradition to put up the Christmas tree right after the Thanksgiving feast. One is to shed off those Thanksgiving pounds and secondly, is to take advantage of the long weekend. We have had this artificial tree for many years. We spent hours and hours putting up this tree and decorating it. It’s almost one full day worth of work! In the past, I’ve recruited my nieces and nephews to help me with this chore. Of course, now that they’re older, they have more important things on their plate. Luckily, my boys came to the rescue this year!

After a few hours of putting up this tree, I asked my sons if we should get a real tree next year to save some time. Surprisingly, both my boys said no, “we don’t want to waste a tree.” Dai Bee added “Plus, this is much more fun.” They even promised to continue to help putting the tree when I’m 80!

 “Today I am thankful for my elves…”