Dai Bee has been complaining his homework being a bit tedious. One day I saw his homework and noticed the math problems he was working on. They were long divisions and some multiplication problems. I thought they looked familiar. Yes, he said, they were the same types of problems he did last year!  The repetition of previously learned concepts and problems was not something anyone looking forward to. No wonder Dai Bee doesn’t show much interest every time when he takes out his math worksheets.

Finally, I found the time to discuss this issue with Dai Bee’s teacher. She was glad to know about it because every time when she asks, he only gave her half an answer. We discussed for a few minutes and came to a conclusion that Dai Bee needs more advanced math work. No doubt, math comes fairly easy to Dai Bee since he’s able to grasp math concepts pretty well. His teacher agreed to ask our fifth grade teachers and seek for higher level resources for more challenging work for him. I felt so blessed to know how much the teacher was willing to listen and to work with me on my evident concern.  I certainly hope other parents will have the same ongoing and positive communication with their class teachers.

“Today I am thankful to be exercising again…”