This day started early for me today, not to mention it was packed with activities – annual school carnival, basketball practice, Halloween piano recital, and swimming.

As a room parent for my son’s class, I volunteered to buy and make the Vietnamese rolls to sell as a fundraiser. I noticed that parent involvement seemed to decrease drastically as the grades get higher. During my first year here in school, I remembered whenever money or help was needed, 80–90% participated. This time, I only had 3 parents, including myself, to make and sell the rolls.


Up by 7am, with the help of another parent, we managed to roll 100 of them consisting beef and vegetarian. I left the house at 11am to help set up our table. When I got to school, I realized we didn’t have any signs or any type of advertisement for our item. I scrambled and made one up on the spot. The next few hours my niece helped me by walking around the school yard, soliciting for buyers. Our slogan was “the healthiest snack in this carnival.” For a $3 a roll, glad our parents were very supportive of our efforts. At the end of the day, we made $270.


The boys always loved the carnival. It was an afternoon of good old fashioned fun with games, prizes, inflatables, yummy food, face painting, a beauty parlor, music, a visit by our fire and police departments, book swap and our traditional cake walk.


Too baad we couldn’t stay long because we had to rush to another activity planned for today. The boys’ first basketball practice of the season. Surely we didn’t want to miss that.


We had to leave practice half hour before it ends because now we have to trekked on to Dai Bee’s piano recital. Initially I didn’t plan on going because there were just too many things going on today. However, his teacher convinced me that he is such a great pianist he should perform any chance he gets. She understood my hectic schedule today but was willing to have him be the last person to play to accommodate us. We still made it. Now onto swimming.

Right before dinner, we managed to make a stop at a department store to buy the boys new shoes. They’ve been asking for one for weeks now. All we saw was the top and front, looked fine and ignored it. Until they showed us the bottom, we couldn’t wait another day since the boys only own one pair of shoes, the other ones are sandals. Felt like such a bad mom all of a sudden.