Today all the fifth graders in our school are going on a 2-nights overnight field trip. Though the school discouraged families from “overpacking” since there was limited space and reminded us this was only a 2-night trip, concerned parents (like moi) probably ignored that and still packed for the four seasons. Dai Bee had been to an overnight trip with his class before (in 3rd grade), but we were there pretty much the whole time (we just didn’t stay at night). Before I dropped him off school,  I reminded him several times to be more alert, to follow instructions, to listen carefully, to make wise choices (especially with a bunch of boys), to stay with the class, all of which he heard before. Fingers crossed my nagging works.


Was a bit of chaotic night last night when we were just reminded to pack Dai Bee’s overnight field trip. Luckily, we have pretty much everything in the house, well it was mostly the basic stuff. Good thing we bought his one and only pair of tennis shoes for him, otherwise, he would be soaking his toes in the wet dirt (since there’s a chance of rain). I heard this trip was a lot of fun and extremely educational. Hopefully it’d be something they will remember and treasure for the rest of their lives.

Now, with one gone, we can just enjoy the peace and quiet around the house for another day.