Another fun filled weekend with the kids. We’ve been to this science festival a couple of years, and it was very fun and informative. What so great about it was, well, it was free, plus the many hands on experiments for the kids (and adults) and a variety of exhibits of science, engineering, technology, robotics and mathematics. Any free event would always draw crowds, this was no different. However, because it was held at a ball park, it didn’t feel packed at all. This time we were smart enough to pack our lunch since I remembered the costly lunches we had last time. It was nice to sit on the field and enjoy our little picnic. Though this didn’t last long because he boys were anxious to roam around some more.


Unfortunately, we didn’t get to stay the whole event. We had our usual basketball practice and swimming routines. Nevertheless, this was a great event to satisfy the kids’ sense of awe and curiosity.

I didn’t feel like cooking, so we basically grilled some patties and made our own sandwiches for the night…


“Today I am thankful for a free parking space…”