This week is parent-teacher conferences.

Ah Lo is doing great academically and socially. It always feels good when the teacher makes the comment “you have a very bright boy.” He’s reading level is also higher than most of his classmates. However, the teacher suggests that he should slow down because he misses the details in the story. He has a great attitude in class and learning and is very well liked by his peers. Ah Lo is a very curious little boy. He asks the spot-on questions when learning new things. I’m super duper proud of this guy.

Dai Bee’s progress: Nothing new except the teacher actually said he doesn’t have much more things to challenge him in Math. He’s a quick learner and always hungry for more. Dai Bee needs to work on his writing skills. He makes his points direct and short. Sometimes it’s good, depends on what the topic is. However, sometimes he’s too lazy to elaborate. And of course, mama’s advice is never as good as the teacher’s. Luckily, the teacher agreed with me on that point.

Overall, the boys are doing a wonderful job in school. Hopefully will keep up the good work and make this mama proud!

Today I am thankful for my rain boots…”