Today Ah Lo represented his class to compete for the school’s annual spelling bee. The spelling bee contestants included from grades 2nd through 5th. Historically, the upper grade got more advantage. Lower grades compete just for the experience. We were given word lists in grades 1–8 (450) to study before the winter break. Ah Lo and I studied the words together. Up until last night we were reviewing the words. No, we didn’t get all 450 words, because we didn’t have enough time and secondly, the words were way beyond his level. He got a lot of pressure from Dai Bee to win it. Of course I told him otherwise. Winning was not the key, but trying his best. I was proud to see that he did just that. He studied diligently every night. He was calm and posed while spelling some hard words such as genetic, talisman, disarray. He came in 6th out of 15 contestants.

Another proud moment…