To deviate the kids from spending too much time on electronics (one of the biggest time sucker), I tend to pack their weekends with lots to do. In the last two weeks, I gave them a timed schedule of what and when to do. That FAILED since it can be difficult to complete a task within a set schedule, especially, when Dai Bee wanted to read more than 30 minutes.

This weekend, I went back to what I’ve been doing in the past. On Friday nights, I wrote down a list of things to complete in two days. As soon as they get up, they already know what to do. Activities such as reading, or practicing music is to be done on both days. Anytime after dinner is their free time, if they are finished with everything. I find this is a great exercise for the kids to learn how to better manage their time and help them to keep track of deadlines and duties. After each assignment is completed, they put a satisfying check mark next to it. It’s also my strategy to get out of the position of being the nag. Like in many things, just have to plan ahead…