I’ve always wanted to introduce to my boys some of the Chinese folktales. One of my favorites is Journey to the West (西遊記). Last week, I picked up this book  from the library and started to read to them (in Chinese). The irrepressible Monkey King, is a main character in the story. With sound effects, and lots of facial expressions, I brought them to glimpse in the past and live the imaginary. As I go on chapter by chapter, they were so captivated by the strange characters and exciting plots. I mean, who wouldn’t be drawn to talking animals, magic, imaginary beings, dragons, and ghosts and other elements? I even bring the book along for car rides (which they normally ask for electronics). There would be many questions, what next? Why did he do that? Hopefully reading these Chinese tales to them teaches a lesson about character or sharing a piece of wisdom from the characters.


“For children, listening to a story is like opening a door to another world.”