The third day of Chinese New Year is known as “red mouth” (赤口). This means it’s an inauspicious day and easy for people to get into arguments. Generally, it’s inappropriate for us to be visiting friends and relatives. Though visiting is discouraged, we purposely chose this day to have our open new year dinner. We have a big family and it’s hard to get together during weekdays, so here’s one tradition out the door.

Like last year, I also put together a big bowl feast. Luckily I have other sisters who brought in some items to help out with the burden of cooking for 25+ people. My oldest sister came with her tuna rolls and jumbo prawns wrapped with bacon and pineapples (thumbs up). My other sister brought over chicken wings, beef and her delicious chicken abalone soup. My youngest sister brought over some roast pork.


After the feast, it was time to distribute the red envelopes to all the kids, a special significance to ensure a good and prosperous year to come.