The kids are older now. Instead of sweets, I think they can unscramble some words? I printed some Valentine greetings on card stocks a way head of time: Have a sweet day; You are awesome; Hugs and Kisses; Be my valentine, etc. Next I printed “Unscramble to read the message” onto different colored papers. Cut them out in heart shapes. It looks like a lot of work, but I cut out a few a day, here and there, the next thing I know, I have all 50 different colored heart shapes!

v-day3It’s pouring outside today. Nobody is complaining for sure for this much needed rain. In the morning, the boys helped out with their Valentine Day Crafts. As in previous years, we make our own, because I think it’s more fun. Why give store-bought cards to when you can make this adorable love notes and create a sweet sentiment. Though I’m sure as in every year, some kids might not appreciate the thought. Who cares, the fun is in the process! This craft took a little longer than we normally do. Well, there’s origami involved, words unscrambling, envelope stuffing and last not but least, note addressing.  See pictures below.