Exciting day for Ah Lo. His class is doing a play on “The Little Red Hen.” Today the teacher announced what characters the kids will be playing.

In the afternoon, I received a call from his teacher. He said Ah Lo was very upset about the role he would be playing, Mr. Miller. No, don’t get me wrong. Mr. Miller was the character he auditioned for. He had been practicing his accent just for this role. For some reason, when he found out that Mr. Miller has a wife, Mrs. Miller, he was livid. Now he refused to take any part of the play. The teacher had no clue why the sudden change of mood? She was very concerned and told me she was willing to change the “wife” to be a “sister” or “cousin” or “aunt.” She thought Ah Lo would be a very good candidate for that role.

Later that night, when he was much more calm, I talked to him to find out what happened. Apparently, at his age, he is afraid of being teased by his friends of having a “wife.” I explained to him that this is a fictitious play and this character, Mr. Miller is a made-believe character. After a long talk, he realized what he had done. After shower, I was happy to see him writing an apology letter to his teacher. The letter was thought out and very touching. It certainly puts a smile on my face when I read it, hopefully for the teacher as well. So proud of this little guy.