This week is parent-teacher conferences.

First thing the teacher said, “you have such a bright kid, so talented in all areas. You are very lucky.” Ok, meeting adjourned. Just kidding, I mean, always so great to hear that from a teacher. Always proud to hear that your son is the top student of the class. Always pleased to hear that he’s reading and comprehending in higher level (on  a scale of A to Z, he is reading at level U), and solid in math. Always heartwarming for me to hear that Ah Lo is humble, confident and respectful amongst his peers. He is also an impressive visual artist and sets a very high standard of his work. As always, glad to hear that he is doing so well, both academically and socially.

Again, no surprises with Dai Bee’s report. However, there’s a disappointment with the teacher that he couldn’t challenge him more. In public schools, it’s always hard to have “extra” time with specific kids who are already doing so well. They tend to spend more time with those who are struggling. The teacher didn’t even go through his math work with us because we all know where he stands. In writing, he improved in the last trimester (received a 4/4 on his persuasive essay).  Though Dai Bee finds his studies less challenging, he’s still engaged in class. One thing worth mentioning is that he does slack off with his homework, but takes his tests very seriously.

Overall, the boys are doing a wonderful job in school. Hopefully will keep up the good work and make this mama proud!

Today I am thankful for my rain boots…”