Our first time hitting the slopes this season. It’s been a long while and this time, if it weren’t for my sister, I wouldn’t have gone. She did most of the planning and we just tagged along. And because of the drought, it was a chilling sight to see more brown than white on the snow mountains. Of course, there’s always snow machines.

This time we were able to join the boys since we didn’t sign them up for lessons (though it has been a long time). In the beginning, we split up where I took Ah Lo to warm up in the baby bunny slope. It didn’t take him long to get back into things. After a few falls, he was ready to move out of the baby bunny slope. We met up with Mr. Piggy and Dai Bee and made a few runs on the slopes. Ah Lo already wanted to compete with Dai Bee.

After lunch, Ah Lo was anxious to hit the slopes again. I went with him. Seeing how comfortable he was going down, I took out my camera and snap away. Right when I thought things were going dandy, Ah Lo set me up for a panic mode. When I got down to the slope, he wasn’t by the lift waiting for me like he was supposed to. Screaming out his name in every direction, hoping it was my poor eyesight just missed him. With terrible thoughts racing my mind, I had no idea. where he could have gone? When Mr. Piggy finally met up with me, I told him what happened. Not a moment would I have thought he went up the ski lift by himself which was exactly what Mr. Piggy suggested. No way, how? Without hesitation, Mr. Piggy hopped on the lift while I stayed in place with my head still twisting and turning for the little guy. Within a minute, I got a call from Mr. Piggy, he spotted Ah Lo from the lift coming down the slope. I was relieved andy extremely upset at the same time. I would never have thought he would go onto the slip alone. After a long lecture, I realized how lucky I was to have him by my side.