Thankful for dragging my behind to attend the PTA meeting tonight. Not because I gained any useful information from the meeting, but the fact that I sat next to the Principal and got to speak with him. He spent a good 10 minutes with me bringing me awareness of my older son, Dai Bee. The principal told me his fifth grade teacher mentioned to him “he met the smartest kid he’s ever taught in his 15 years of his career.” “We need to do something about that,” the principal said. From there, he provided me with information about programs specific for gifted and talented students. He gave me names of institutions who offers enrichment and academic programs during summer and/or throughout the year (after school). While he suggested that I research on those institutions, he will connect with families with gifted children who he taught in the past and see if he could gain more knowledge of their academic paths.

After the talk, I felt great knowing there is so much more I am able to do. I was amazed by our principal who is aware of his student’s needs and that he wants to do something to help. For that, I am thankful.