Sometimes you have to give it to my big guy, Dai Bee. He complains chinese school is pretty boring for him, mainly because learning Chinese is all about repetition. For a quick learner as himself, the pace for him is a bit slow in that kind of environment. Instead of dozing off, or wandering off to la la land, he takes the initiative to learn traditional chinese. For those who aren’t familiar with chinese, recent chinese has divided into two forms of writing – the traditional vs. the simplified way. As its name implies, writing in simplified way is easier to write because of lesser strokes. Here’s an example:


Most schools nowadays teach simplified form due to parents’ request – “it’s easier for their kids to write the simplified form.” Dai Bee’s school also teaches simplified version. However, behind his books, the traditional form of each character (from the book) is printed in traditional version. Therefore, Dai Bee looked up each word that was taught, and studied the traditional form. So now, he knows both versions of the Chinese character, all on his own.

photo 2

This is kind of things that cannot be coached, and this is the kind of things that earns the mom every bragging right. Thank you, Dai Bee!