I was hoping for a relaxing day today, of course, that didn’t happen! Got up early, way early to drive Dai Bee to his first baseball game of this season. And only to find out he didn’t want to play because he wasn’t feeling well, but wanted to stay to support his team. While yawning and enjoying the game the same time, we managed to finally see Dai Bee trekked out to the field to play (because after an hour later, he felt better).


After an 2.5 hour game, his team lost by one point. I had to drive him back home and get the little one for his game. The boys are not on the same team this year since they are at different levels. This presents a challenge for us having to go to two practices, two games, different places, different times. Yeah, so what?! That’s what families do for their children! Besides, who needs weekends?! This is Ah Lo’s second year with this league, therefore, his catching and batting skills have improved.  He’s definitely one of the more serious and better players in the team.

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 2.16.16 PM

Unfortunately, I had to leave in the middle of Ah Lo’s game to take Dai Bee to his annual piano recital. Dai Bee played Fur Elise and played so beautifully and with such confidence, I was so so proud of him. After the games and recital were over, thank goodness it was time for dinner! And folks, this is how we ended our spring break!