It was fairly warm today, so I decided to try something new – sesame soba noodles. These noodles are to be served cold. It is easy to make, but just entails a lot of details. It didn’t help when I only had 50 minutes to prepare everything! On Thursdays, I tried to have dinner ready by 6:00pm so we can leave the house by 6:50pm to get Dai Bee to his lesson.

In 50 minutes, I had to cook the noodles, sliced the carrots, cabbage, and snow peas (luckily the shrimp was defrosted the night before), while ambitiously making the minestrone soup at the same time. Timing wise, I was a little off since I had to stop my momentum to pick up the boys from school. Anyhow, glad everyone enjoyed dinner, well, maybe except Ah Lo who asked “why are the noodles cold?”