Why is it that I often see parents pat their kid’s back for a job well done after a sports game when the score was 30-0 (and their kid so happens to be the losing team)? Why do they shout out good job when the kid constantly misses the ball and strikes? Why do they still approve or cheer for performances loaded with obvious mistakes? It’s ok, you did great, because there is always a next time.

Realistically, I ask myself, are they trying to build their self-esteem or setting them up for failure? Too much praise can back fire and can limit what the kids can do, I think. If my kid is boys can do, but at the same time, if they screw up, I point them out, straight up. Sure they might not like to hear it. When they get older, the word becomes harsher. If you strike too many times, you won’t get to play, period. When you keep making mistakes, you just have to  learn how to be more careful.

Truthfully, I think sometimes parents should be a bit more discriminating when dishing out their praises to their children.