Dai Bee’s orchestra offers music theory lessons for all the students. This is done outside of their regular practice time. Normally beginners would take one year to go from one level to next. Fortunately, Dai Bee zipped through beginning theory and has promoted to more advanced theory (Theory 2) just recently. Moving up to Theory 2 caused some schedule conflict with his baseball practice during weekends. I’ve asked the Orchestra’s Director to see if we can get him to Theory 3 (which starts a later time). Immediately, the idea was shot down because Director tells me he’s not there yet. Without a doubt, music theory is one of the most important skills as a musician. It didn’t take much persuasion before he gave up practice with his team to study music.

Yesterday, I got an email from Dai Bee’s theory teacher, recommending him to move up to Theory 3!!! Normally, this would take a child one year to go through each stage and he did it six months! Hooray!! Yippie! This works out great, for his practice time and better yet, moving up will set the bar higher for his mastery and learning violin. This would be a good time to sharpen his listening and writing, musically.  How can I say no to that – a perfect way to play music and ball? Now everyone is happy.