What a hectic morning! From running to 2 baseball practices, to swimming, to music theory and to shopping before we head on to a wedding banquet in Sacramento. Yes, shopping for new shoes and new clothes. No, we didn’t find out about the wedding just yesterday. In fact, we had weeks, but until yesterday, it dawned on me all the boys had were t-shirts and sweat pants. And it was until a couple of days ago when Dai Bee pointed out his shoes had a couple of holes in them. So that’s what we did in the morning of the banquet, we shopped and luckily found a 15% coupon online we could use. After all the madness was done, we managed to squeeze a library run because Dai Bee was “out of books to read.” Yes, I told him to bring a book to the ceremony because it’d be boring for the kids. They don’t know anyone there, and the wedding venue was not exactly like a playground where they could run around. So he picked out this library book that he read for the 5th time. When it got dark in the restaurant, it didn’t bother him at all.