One day at a mall, Ah Lo was hungry, so I bought him a pretzel. He loved it so much he ate two of them. Well, one costs almost $4. I thought that was a bit pricey for some dough. Then again, they were mouthwatering good, especially the one we got came just right out of the oven. Crunchy in the outside, soft and fluffy in the side, it didn’t take long for him to gobble two down. He asked if I can make it some day. Sure I said.

Today was the day. I started playing with some dough, added yeast, sugar and salt, the usual. When I was done kneading, I thought that the dough was a bit hard. Oh great, another 2 cups of flour wasted, I assumed. When I saw the dough had risen after a couple of hours, I thought maybe I still have a chance? I kept going with the process, roll it and twirl it. Got them over the baking soda solution and baked them. Surprisingly, it turned out great! Of course, I forgot the recipe because I didn’t think this batch would work. It was very soft, even in the morning when they had them for breakfast.