During graduation ceremony last Friday, I saw parents tearing up watching their kids accomplished one of the milestones. I was all dry eyed watching the 1-1/2 hour ceremony. No, no tears, elementary graduation is really no big deal. It’s something that’s expected.

So when asked Dai Bee how he felt during graduation, he replied, “eh, it’s just any other day.”

We signed up Dai Bee for a step up program (for a week) with his new middle school which starts today. This morning while watching him walk to middle school, I started getting teary eyed. I watched him trekking into his new school, with a binder in hand, my emotions went to overdrive. This is a big change for him, new building, new teachers, new friends. Although I’m not too worried about him, but this transition can be daunting.

Middle school is an important time to stay on track with learning. I am looking forward to see Dai Bee being challenged academically during this time.