So I learned from my SIL and her husband, when my boys visit a couple weeks ago, their presence have caused such an inconvenience to them. According to my SIL and her husband, after we left with our boys, they spent hours wiping down their place (because of the foot prints on the carpet). They had to use clorox wipes to scrub down the iPad lens which my boys had their hands during our 3 hour stay. Their leather sofa had oily imprints of the boys, which again, took them some time cleaning the sofa.

My inlaws went on for a full 5 minutes how much extra work needed to be done after our visit. Though they didn’t purposely bring up this topic, I was quite offended by all their complaints. Sure, my boys aren’t the neatest creatures, but they are not the ones who roll on dirt and pick up trash either. Boys are boys, cleanliness is never the first thing that comes to mind. I have my boys wash their hands before and after a meal. I can understand where my SIL and her husband are coming from. They have no children and they like their house to be neat and orderly.  I just thought it was petty since we only visit them once in a blue moon. If they had to make such a commotion about cleaning after them, we would have to think twice the next time we visit. Or we are just unwelcomed from now on. Sigh.