Tonight we had trial runs of one of the recipes I’ve want to try for a long time – chocolate soufflé. I heard these are super hard to make because they are so delicate. But going over a couple of youtube lessons, I picked up a thing or two. I think these are hard because you cannot make these a head of time. By the time it is removed from the oven onto the table, it only takes a short period before it deflates. So timing, whipping and  the ingredients all play an important role in making these cakes.


This recipe asks to bake for 10 minutes at 390 degrees. I sat in front of the oven, watching it rise for 10 minutes. Since this was my first time baking these, I took them out per instructions. Dust them with powdered sugar and get ready to dig in. When I dug into one of the cakes, I noticed the inside was still very wet inside. I took a wild guess and assumed the cakes were still uncooked.  So immediately, I stuck the tray back to the oven. I didn’t think this would work since the temperature has changed. However, after another 10 minutes, I was so happy to see some movement in the ramekins. The soufflé is rising again!!


I took them out of the oven and dug my spoon inside. For sure, this time it was cooked. Surprisingly, the top had a soft crunch and moist, puffed up and fluffy inside. Both boys and girls ate it the very first time and thoroughly enjoyed it. It didn’t take long ’til they were all gone. When the last bits are gone, I have already set a date to make these again.