First day of summer camp today. In the next three weeks Dai Bee will be taking Intro to Algebra, Programming using SCRATCH, Computer aided modeling with 3D printing, Vocabulary Expansion, Beginning Photoshop  and SummerSports. According to Dai Bee, Vocab expansion class is rather boring for him, Algebra is too easy, and SCRATCH programming is too basic. He likes that each kid gets an iPAD in his Photoshop class to play with.

For Ah Lo, he is taking Adventures in Architecture as his core class, then he has Movie Making, Arts and Crafts and Cooking class in the afternoon. His biggest complaint was Arts and Crafts. “All we did was drawing our family.” Otherwise, he made salsa on his first day! Hopefully, with the cooking class, it can get him to try out a more variety of food.

Will see what happens after 3 weeks.