Dai Bee has been taking piano lessons for the last few years from the same teacher whom he had grown to love. It’s time to move on. After talking to many, I found a new teacher for him. Though Dai Bee was hesitant in the beginning, he was willing to give it a try (with my constant nag). This past Friday, Dai Bee had his first lesson. Unfortunately, I had to run some errands and didn’t get a chance to sit in class during his lesson. After the lesson, Dai Bee didn’t say much about his new teacher. At least he was not as resistant as before. His new teacher’s style was quite different than his current one. She seems patient, enthusiastic, and encouraging. She’s more serious and strict, which I believe is more effective way. During the first lesson, she had already set the tone for him. I think Dai Bee can survive a strict teacher as long as he learns something.

Now I have to find a good reason to tell his old teacher that we’re not coming back.