This morning we took Dai Bee to take the SCAT test. This computerized test is designed to be above grade level (two-to-three grades higher than normal) which means it is supposed to be difficult, even for very bright children. The test has a verbal and quantitative section, typically given to students trying to gain entrance to gifted and talented schools or programs, like the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth® (CTY®).

“The verbal section is comprised of word and verbal reasoning analogies. To do well on this section, your child will need strong vocabulary, verbal reasoning, and knowledge/information abilities. The quantitative section presents two math questions where the student must determine whether the answer to one question is greater than the other. To do well on this section, your child will need to have a strong understanding of mathematical reasoning, math facts, calculations and and number operations.”

This was so last minute that he didn’t even get any prep. We made sure he went to bed early the night before, fed him some breakfast in the morning, and off we went. He finished the test well before the time was up. We will get the results in about a week or so. We’ll see.

 UPDATE (June 26, 2014):

Scores are out! Dai Bee scored 94% in Math and 63% in English, tested at 8th Grade level. These test are not achievement tests, nor are they IQ tests. Instead these tests measure the child’s ability to reason mathematically and verbally. With these results, he’s able to apply for more challenging classes next summer. We proud of Dai Bee!