This morning I dropped Dai Bee off at his first overnight music camp. This camp was recommended to us by his orchestra director. I’ve talked to some students, parents and researched online and thought it’d be an amazing experience for our budding musician.

There was this incredible amount of creative energy as soon as we arrived as the camp was surrounded in redwood trees, overflowed with the magic of nature. After we signed in, checked for hair lice, and was introduced to his group. I met his counselor and CIT, both young, seemed very energetic, inspiring and dedicated. I was the only parent lingering around being the over-worried mom I am. We walked across the suspension bridge and and he settled in a huge deck with many beds. I thought, what an awesome experience to be sleeping under the stars and redwoods. He was too busy on his book and waved at me when I left. I am sure he would be making new friends. I miss him already.

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 9.42.32 AM