Made my first risotto, bacon and mushroom risotto with clams. Instead of risotto, I used organic jasmine brown rice (糙米) as a substitute. The taste may not be there just yet, but having brown rice totally top off the health chart! I started off with a little bit of olive oil and 1 tbs of butter in a large pan to cook the rice. Brown rice takes forever to cook, but all other ingredients are easy which makes up for the time. For this brown rice, I need to keep adding chicken stock while cooking it (this helps getting the flavor in). Also, cooking the rice with black mushrooms adds the aroma to the dish. In the last 6 minutes before done, add the clams into the pot. I loved it though I didn’t get the thumbs up from my food critics this time. This is very new to their taste buds, so it’ll take some time to adjust.


My niece requested cheesecakes, so I found this great recipe online. I skipped the sour cream (because I didn’t have any at home) and these scored me some points!! My niece attempted to eat 3, had I not stop her!