Waited all week to see Dai Bee, although he might not feel the same. After a week of music camp, I was anxious to hear all about it. What did he eat, what did he do? Did he have fun? Met new friends? What was it like? Did he learn anything? After 3 hours of driving, we will get these questions answered.  The camp ended with a concert out in the woods and invited all the families. It was a 3 hour concert with instruments ranging from guitar to piano, trumpets to cello and ended with all the campers’ participation in large ensemble. Dai Bee played with such ease and comfort, I knew the time he spent there was a great one. As soon as we got back in the car, all, and more of my questions were answered.


Right after his concert, we rushed back to the city for yet another wedding. The banquet venue was held close to our home. The setting was amazing, both the bride and groom were beautiful. After groom’s dad gave a speech, a spectacular lively lion dance performance really shook up the place. What a fun addition to the reception! It was quite interesting to see how east meets west, a good spin on things to incorporate the symbolic tradition. Though the couple had an American-style wedding, they kept the Chinese wedding heritage and served a traditional 8-course banquet dinner. The food was delicious and the cake was absolutely divine!


And of course, we had to take advantage of this photo moment! Whew! What a day!