We visited this bakery when we were in Taiwan. Recently, this franchise opened business in California. We were in the Newark neighborhood and decided to make a quick stop. Stop it was, but definitely not quick. Mr. Piggy waited 20 mins just to get his regular coffee. I jumped onto the baking goods line and followed by a large group of people. The variety of desserts include savory and sweet, hot and cold, stuffed or topped. They are pretty expensive. Right before I couldn’t decide what to get, a man came out with a tray of “Marble Taro” or simply Taro bread. The bread just came out of the oven, so it was flaky soft on the outside plus the marbled effect made it even more appetizing. The was just enough (real) taro filling so it adds a very flavorful taste to the bread! Right before I went to pay, the same guy carried another tray of their famous Portuguese egg tarts. It was divine! Customers stop by there can expect fresh pastries to come out pretty often. Luckily I wasn’t too hungry when we stopped by, otherwise, I might have grabbed a piece of everything. I mean, where else can you find sea-salt coffee?