This week I signed up the boys for full-day computer camps in a college campus. For Dai Bee, he’s taking Intro to Programming with SCRATCH and Java. For Ah Lo, I signed him up for Adventures in Game Design – Minecraft. He is super excited! He would talk on and on about the class during dinner time. However, the last few days, noticed that he was just talking about “Minecraft.” So I asked what else did he do during class, and I was appalled to learn that “we played Minecraft” all day long. Holy! I mean, this is a pricey camp, and to play a video game all day long? I had to call the director to find out if that’s really so.

So I am relieved that they just do more than ‘play.’ During class, they use Minecraft to create their own game which involves some creative and problem solving skills. They do use other software to build the games, like MCEdit and Fusion Developer.

This camp has helped build the critical logic in game designs and surely inspired both boys to work on game projects at home.