Bell rings. School starts.

An exciting day ahead for most of us in the crib today. Bright and early, I jumped off to bed to get back to my normal school routine of fixing breakfasts and lunches. I didn’t have any plans to make any bentos. I want to enjoy my morning, slowly and peacefully. This year Ah Lo and Dai Bee are going to different schools which might be a challenge for us. We’ll see how well this schedule goes.

Dai Bee and I walked Ah Lo to school. It’s always good to reconnect with those familiar faces and warm smiles after the summer break. We found his teacher (who happens to be Dai Bee’s TA last year). So, she’s new, but not new to the school. Ah Lo was excited to see some of his old classmates in the same class with him. We tried to walk Ah Lo to his class but was caught in a major jam, so we left. Another classic example of second child syndrome.

Dai Bee was pretty anxious to go to his school. Luckily he had a chance to familiarize with the school beginning of summer (when the school offered step-up program). Since most of his friends were there, he was pretty comfortable in this new environment. I still remembered holding his little hands so tightly when we walked to his preschool on the first day as I watched him walk away to his room. Today, Dai Bee’s first steps to middle school were on his own, starting his next successful journey.